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High Ability

As we begin a new school year, parents can struggle to find a balance between supporting their child's academics and allowing independence to grow. The following tips may help parents achieve an appropriate level of support.

The key to your student's academic success is simple: let your student make mistakes. True learning takes place when you. . .

Welcome errors.

Embrace slip-ups.

Help him learn from his mistakes.

Allow her to fail and reap the consequences.

Tolerate boo-boos.  Remember we all learn from our boo-boos.

Encourage risk taking.

In other words, let your student succeed and fail entirely on his own merit.  That means:

Waiting for him to ask you for help.

NOT "improving" student projects anymore, no matter how bad it looks to you. Just make suggestions and discuss improvement.

NOT forcing your child to study for a test she knows she has tomorrow.  (One gentle reminder is still okay!)

NOT bringing an assignment to your child after she is at school. Instead, set expectations that she is responsible for.

If you let him, your student will learn other valuable information before the stakes get too high--the grades may not be all A's, but the lessons learned will be priceless.

Coping with disappointment.



Giving and receiving grace.

Getting second chances.

Rules are rules--not suggestions.

The power of choices.

Time management.


That failure is not the end of the world.  -- Janet Bohney (adapted from Heidi Ochoa)


Indiana Association for the Gifted.