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New Tech Network

Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School

Lake Ridge is at the forefront of change in education.  In 2012, the middle school became one of the first New Tech middle schools in the country as the network rolled out its plans to extend the "New Tech" brand down into high school feeders.
This change to New Tech puts the student in control of their learning.  Sometimes referred to as PBL or Project Based Learning, this teaching methodology provides students with authentic, real-world learning experiences that embrace research, collaboration, and the use of technology.
At Lake Ridge, the following classes are co-taught in an extended period by a team of teachers under the New Tech PBL model.
Social Studies/Language Arts-All Grades
Science/Math-All Grades
Health/Physical Education-8th Grade Only
Art/Technology & CTE College/Careers-8th Grade Only


To learn more, go to or check out the documents in the Files link above provided by the New Tech Network.